Jim Duke’s Radioprotective Recipes

Today, April 4, 2011, Jim Duke turns 82. Jim continues to write, teach, research, make us soup, make music and inspire on a daily basis.  The last two weeks Jim has been working at compiling herbs with radioprotective activities. Below is a list of radioprotective recipes that were created in the aftermath of the tsunami and for the 32nd anniversary of Three Mile Island. If you scroll down to the prior blog entry, you will find an unedited youtube video of Les Alstat’s song Three Mile Island.

RADIOPROTECIVE RECIPES ©Jim Duke, Herbal Vineyard, Inc.,  2011

1. MISO PLUS: Spice up your regular miso with sparing dashes of  citron, evodia, grapefruit peel, lemon peel, orange peel, prickly ash, and  tangerine peel. Note these seven rutaceae are the basis of my Radioprotective RutADE with which I have replaced my coffee for March, a Memorial Month  for RadiationIncidents.

2. ADOPTING ADAPTOGENS: Cordyceps, ginger, ginseng, holy basil, licorice, rhodiola, schisandra in decoction, steep, tincture, tisane.

3. GLUT OF GLUTHIONE: A soup, with glutathione‑rich veggies, like asparagus, avocado, corn, okra, potato, purslane, spinach  (why not spice with SEVEN SPICES).

4. CRUCIFIX: A sophisticated cabbage soup, with any of the  many of the edible cruciferae (alias Brassicaceae, or cabbage family) the hotter the better (heat due to sulfur compounds called isothiocyanates), broccoli, red cabbage, rocket, rutabaga, turnip, wasabi, watercress.

5. COX‑2‑INHIBITEA: Cayenne, cinnamon; ginger, holy basil, oregano, rosemary, turmeric.

6. SEVEN SPICE: A mix of  seven anticancer spices to spice up any herb tea, salad or soups, black pepper, cayenne, cinnamon, garlic, ginger,  turmeric, wasabi,

7. GINSANITY: Ginseng or Eleuthero Tincture (in red wine or resveratrol) with Seven Spicesoup.

Eat each day, as nibbles, a Brazil Nut, a Radish or Turnip, or some Broccoli Sprouts, some sushi with seaweed and seasalt, and have a Chamomile Tea and/or a Pomegranate Juice.

Chase with RadioprotectiviTEA, alehoof, bugle, celery, lemonbalm, peppermint, oregano,  rosemary.

All herbs and spices listed contain at least one, usually many more, radioprotective chemicals. For phytochemical and rationales, see: Phytochemical Database,

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  1. sacha giri says:

    in deep appreciation…..KARMA YOGA….HIGHEST FORM OF YOGA…THANK YOU

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