About the Garden

“Beans, beans good for your heart, the more you eat, the less you infarct.”
~James A. Duke

The Green Farmacy Garden is open to the public during our published Public Events.  Unless you’ve made individual arrangements with us ahead, please Do Not visit the site without registering for an event.

Located in Fulton, Maryland, The Green Farmacy Garden is a sanctuary for approximately 300 native and non-native species of plants that have been used traditionally and/or researched for medicinal purposes. USDA botanist James A. Duke, PhD, and his wife, Peggy collected medicinal plants for over sixty years.  In 1997, they transformed part of their pasture land into a teaching garden highlighting plants that are featured in Jim’s book, The Green Pharmacy.

The Green Farmacy Garden is also a part of the United Plant Savers network of sanctuaries around the country, which strive to educate the public and maintain native plant species that have become at risk or endangered.

Since the garden is located on a large parcel of land, we are always in need of volunteers to help. We are also receptive to students who wish to work on independent projects with medicinal plants.

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