About the Gardeners

Wild Yam, mother of the pill,
Changed us more than most herbs will. ~Jim Duke

Annie-Sophie Simard

Garden Director, Medicine Maker, Workshop Facilitator


Annie-Sophie beneath the Magnolia by the pond

My intrinsic passion for nature has been evolving ever since I was a young child. Growing up I spent my time in the backyard or surrounding woods, exploring every rock, plant and creature that crossed my path with amazed curiosity and wonder. Enchanted by all things wild and free, I can never get enough of the natural world through experimenting, playing, learning, and Being. Decades into my deepening appreciation, my zeal for all things ancient and earthly continues to grow. I am forever enthralled by the magic of nature among us beheld by exploring the forests & fields, and nurturing my own plots of plants. I have been studying herbalism as well as brewing botanical delicacies & medicines for myself and loved ones for nearly a decade; my heart & soul are full knowing I will forever be a student meandering along the glorious green trail. I am filled with gratitude and joy to be a member of The Green Farmacy Garden team on this next step along my plant path. It is a great honor and delight to spread Jim Duke’s vision to bring his book The Green Pharmacy to life, and continue to inspire and touch the hearts of countless to come. It brings me immense joy to host guests to be friends at the garden and create everlasting connections. Offering workshops, tours, volunteer days, and sharing the Garden with others brings me endless delight. I hope to meet you in the Garden!

May we keep Earth’s wild places protected, the gardens lush, medicine in the people’s hands, and curiosity & appreciation in the hearts❦

June Meadown Rue AnnieSophieBio

Annie-Sophie & Thalictrum dasycarpum, tall meadow rue, June 2020


Annie-Sophie in the greenhouse, April 2019

Veri Tas

Events and Communications Manager, Gardener, Medicine Maker, Workshop Facilitator

veri photo

Veri repotting tropical plant


veri photo

First sun-kiss of the season.


veri photo

celebrating with her kids


Helen Lowe Metzman

Director Emeritus, Workshop Facilitator

IMG_5383 helen jim gfg

Jim Duke and Helen

Helen has tended to and educated others about the medicinal plants of Jim Duke’s Green Farmacy Garden since 2006.  In addition to her time spent in the garden, Helen worked part time for the Howard County Maryland Department of Recreation and Parks in the Natural Resources Division as a Natural Resource Specialist and an Environmental Educator.  The study of natural history, botany, and art has been her lifelong passion, and she is able to integrate these passions in her work in the garden and for Howard County. Helen is a graduate of the University of Vermont and the Tai Sophia Institute’s Master of Science Program in Herbal Medicine.

veri michelle Annie-Sophiw

Veri, Michelle, Annie-Sophie in Turmeric Forest, October 2019

veri michelle Annie-Sophie

Veri, Michelle, Annie-Sophie in Turmeric Forest, October 2019

nuts for buttercups

Nuts for Buttercups! Amy, Michelle, Veri, & Annie-Sophie, May 2020


GFG Staff and Volunteers through the years

Jared ghouse

Ace and Andrea

elana bio photo

Elana Eve Metzman


Green Farmacy Garden gurus under a mammoth sunflower…Hillary, Helen, and Wendy


Wendy, Hillary, and Molly ~ GFG buttercups

Jared in the buttercups gfg – Version 2Andrea buttercupsAndrea andJared in the buttercups

Andrea Miller and Jared Gulliford buttercupping it up


Wendy and Hillary