Terraces and Plots

The Green Farmacy Garden has four terraces with 80 plots.

On the four terrace pages, you will find lists of plant common names that could be, but not necessarily, growing in the plots.

Key: Following the plant name is Jim Duke’s parenthetical scoring of the level of the efficacy of each plant’s activity:

  • f = folklore
  • 1 = some supporting animal epidemiological in vitro, or phytochemical studies
  • 2 = extracts of plant approved by Commission E, by the TRAMIL Commission, or demonstrated by human clinical trials
  • 3 = whole herb itself clinically proven in human trials

If there is folkloric data (f), and animal or phyochemical support (1), and clinical proof for extracts or the rare clinical proof for the her itself (3), as occasionally happens (with garlic, for instance), the efficacy score would read f123.

Father Nature’s Farmacy

Three quarters of our medicine’s made
By synthetic chemists’ escapades,
But the better quarter still derives
From Father Nature’s quaint archives.

I feel that Father Nature’s best
With his nat’ral treasure chest.
This feat, by no means, was his dimmest!!!
He also made synthetic chemists!!!

anonpoet (HerbalGram, 1988)