Public Events

Spring Herbal Spa

Saturday, May 7, 2022, 11am-1:30pm

Gather herbs to pamper yourself & relax with an herbal facial steam, foot soak, & facial mask, followed by infused herbal oils & cream.

This event is offered on a sliding scale from $25-$40. Email us at for an access code for your needed price point.

With spring in full bloom, join us as we celebrate the regrowth and rejuvenation season in the Garden! Come revitalize yourself by being pampered with nature’s healing remedies straight from the Earth.

Basking in the growing warmth of the spring sun, we’ll take tea through the Garden picking fresh plants for our herbal delights. We’ll then gather in & around the large gazebo to relax into our herbal spa experience. We’ll start with a guided mediation and herbal facial steam infused with the plants gathered from the garden. We’ll then enjoy an herbal foot soak and herbal facial clay mask. There will be toners and herbal oils & creams to moisturize your face following our spa treatment.

You’ll learn about herbal allies for different skin types and how to make your own spa treatments incorporating ingredients from the Earth.

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May Volunteer Day – Tropical Plant-Out!

Sunday, May 15, 2022, 10am-1pm

It’s time for our 100+ tropical plants to take their places in the garden – this day is all about getting them safely to their summer homes.

Planting out our tropical specimens is a huge annual undertaking. Volunteers will work with garden staff to identify the appropriate location for each plant, dig out its seasonal planting hole, and safely tuck it in place.

Perks of volunteering include access to the garden and our incredible stock of powerful plant allies, refreshing beverages made fresh, plant and knowledge shares, and community!

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May Foraging Walk

Sunday, May 15, 2022, 2-4pm

Reconnect with your habitat by getting to know wild plants, learning to identify and harvest them for edible, medicinal, and other uses.

In this class we’ll visit many plant species that grow commonly in a variety of ecological niches in our region, learning what growing conditions each prefers, what portion of the plant to harvest throughout the season, and how to align your foraging choices with responsible and interdependent ecological stewardship, reclaiming our place as full and worthy participants in – not alienated from – the dance of nature.

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Culinary Herb Workshop

Saturday, May 21, 2022, 11am-1pm

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food! A tour to meet the herbs, growing & kitchen remedy tips, & baby herbs/seeds to take home!

Did you know rosemary is beneficial to the memory & cognitive functions? That oregano promotes a healthy heart and thyme supports our respiratory system?

We’ll take a stroll through the garden to meet the herbs while discussing their many medicinal qualities, growing habits, and gardening tips. We will then explore healing herbal kitchen remedies to be incorporated into everyday cooking. Participants will plant 2 basil seeds of their choice, and choose a potted baby herb to take home. There may be additional potted baby herbs available for donation.

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