Public Events

June Herbal Medicine-Making: Salves and Hydrosols

Saturday, June 10, 2023, 11am-2pm

Take a guided walk through the garden to meet & discuss the seasonal medicines in bloom, and learn how to make a hydrosol & salve.

This month in the herbal medicine making class we’ll be creating two topical remedies together: a hydrosol and a salve. We’ll start with a walk around the garden to see what’s in bloom & ready for harvest, talk about their medicinal properties, and how to work with them. On our stroll we’ll also harvest herbs to make a hydrosol together. Using an infused herbal oil made by a previous class, we will make a salve while our hydrosol is brewing.

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June Volunteer Day

Saturday, June 17, 2023, 11am-1pm

Work with a team to highlight educational garden specimens that have been getting too crowded to shine!

Volunteers will work with garden staff and community members to tame the spread of some aggressive plants so that visitors can easily see and get to know the different species featured in The Green Farmacy Garden’s educational plots.

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June Foraging Walk

Saturday, June 17, 2023, 2-4pm

Reconnect with your habitat by getting to know wild plants, learning to identify and harvest them for edible, medicinal, and other uses.

This walk will introduce plants that grow commonly in a variety of ecological niches in our region — exploring where to find them, what portion of the plant to harvest throughout the season, and how to align your foraging choices with responsible and interdependent ecological stewardship. Develop your knowledge of and relationship with local ecosystems to reclaim your place as full and worthy participant in – not alienated from – the dance of nature.

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