Spring Things in the Garden

a photo gallery of the garden

early spring

Hyacinthus orientalis : Hyacinth
Narcissus : Daffodil

Dandelion? No, Tussilago farfara : coltsfoot

Hepatica americana : Hepatica

Prunus pendula : weeping cherry

Leucojum & Narcissus : spring snowflake & daffodil
Cercis canadensis : red bud & bee bud

Anemone blanda : Grecian windflower

 Chionodoxa luciliae : glory of the snow

Anemone nemarosa : wood anemone

medicine steps
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4 Responses to Spring Things in the Garden

  1. Kathy Schlosser says:

    Beautiful photos–Thank you!

  2. Bonny says:

    Photo montage full of wonder! Thank you for this artful presentation. The epimedium are such amazing plants. cheerful Grecian flower makes my heart sing ❣️

    • Thank you! You are so very welcome, my pleasure to share the beauty!! Oh yes the Epimediums are some one of my favorites!! Eeee yes I am always delighted to find the windflowers dappled around the wood edge ^__^

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