Signs of Spring

Helleborus orientalis, hellebore

The Hellebores have been blooming since late January, & the snowdrops not far behind bursting through the snow the first week of February.

Last week the crocuses bejeweled the grounds, more than we’ve ever been blessed with before, heralding the true coming of spring.
In the woods we were delighted to find the dazzling winter aconites brightening up the brown landscape down by the creek.

The birdsong is growing evermore as the days are lengthening. Last week the first bluebird families were spotted in the garden from the small gazebo under the Ginkgo tree.
The pond has thawed for likely the last time, & we are anxiously awaiting the return of the pond choir.

The sunlight is lengthening as the pace of the garden is quickening. Seeds are being sown, plots cleaned & mulched, and more new sprouts are welcomed back each day.

We look forward to hosting you for (socially distanced & limited capacity) tours, workshops & volunteer days, so stay tuned in the coming weeks for event listings!

May the reawakening of the Earth inspire you to explore the beauty & magic blooming all around us.

*❦A-S & the GFG team

Snowdrop sea behind the potting shed, Galanthus nivalis
Galanthus and Crocus
purple spring crocus, Crocus vernus
yellow spring crocus, Crocus luteus
half of the snowdrop circle down in the woods by the creek with Jim’s old thinking chair
the full snow drop circle visited by Annie-Sophie’s family in quiet springtime contemplation

The many faces of hellebore

hellebore holler dappled with dazzling crocus’
edible butterbur flower, Petasites japonicus
Narcissus bursting into spring through the leaf litter, daffodil shoots

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  1. Bonny Lundy says:

    Love these!! Thank you❣️


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