Hues of June

from the Instagram archives June 26, 2020

The heat of the summer is felt as the rising sun is lengthening. Peaceful energy and organized chaos amidst harmonies of every color essential.
Natives & medicinals & ornamentals all weaving their thread into the tapestry of the garden. Nature ever entangling.
The mating hawk calls & early peppers have given way to the wood frogs & night chorus.
The coy pastels of spring have been shaded into the sultry hues of summer. Deep purples among frilly pinks and vibrant reds. Beckoning the care of pollinators below the bursting of green.
Pond life is stirring and humming, predators & prey rippling together flowing in the same stream.
The gardens and wild places are putting on their best palettes. Adorn the world with your gifts, and add your own brush stroke to the painting.
As the sun warms your soul may the cool breeze kiss your cheeks & the fresh water tickle your toes.
Breathe & Indulge in summer’s comings
with the Green Farmacy Garden team🌿

vibrant native Tradescantia virginiana: spiderwort💜
Oenothera pallida: pale evening primrose
summer pond
view up into the garden from the pond bench
Lithobates clamitans: green frog
Nymphaea, piink waterlily
Asclepia tuberosa, butterflyweed
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1 Response to Hues of June

  1. Hello. I just received this and it is 10/18/20. I hope you meant to send it out. I LOVE it and all the photos of the garden and flowers. I may use some for my paintings! Thank you so much.


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