Mid Spring Magic

From the Instagram archives: May 20, 2020


The forsythias, early magnolias, hyacinths, & Primulas have made their march o’blooms & set the tune for spring’s ever cycling melodies.

Magnolia liliiflora: lily magnolia
Primula veris: cowslip
Magnolia liliiflora
bluebells & red maples: Mertensia virginica & Acer palmatum
Halesia carolinia: Carolina silverbell

The harmonies of wisteria & peonies, Schisandra & silver bells, are ringing their final notes passing along the symphony.

Wisteria blooms
Wisteria on the vine by the barn
Wisteria harvest

Somewhere in between the Viburnums, Packyra, Geraniums & fleabanes started their arioso weave to complete the round.

Packera aurea: golden ragwort
Geranium maculata: woodland geranium

Each blooming piece playing an essential role, taking their turn to twirl in their thread, unfurling the breathtaking, infinite tapestry they all create together. For the beauty, well being, & soul nourishment of all.

Viburnum waterfall
Viburnum bloom

Cyclical & in harmony, forever the same concert, orchestrated in slightly different tunes to weave a single symphony, arousing the coy joy of spring in all.

Paeonia suffruticosa: tree peony
Paeonia suffruticosa: tree peony
Paeonia offering a pop of pink in the drab beginnings of spring
Geranium maculatum: wild woodland geranium

May we continue to be present, witness the magic, & encompass these lessons from nature as the turns continue…

May Day Pond

We are so looking forward to when we can have volunteers & visitors in the garden again. The garden is longing for the people’s love & admiration, as are we to share it’s magic with you. The urge to pass on plant passion & knowledge is ever a flame, but not so much the urge to sit & type of it; conversation/in-person connection is the favored way to share:). Alas Spring has won the tug-of-urge game, hypnotizing us with its fleeting symphony, whisping us away in whimsy from modern distractions and back to the source. Where nurturing, reciprocity, & gratitude lead the tune. Pruning, seeding, weeding, mulching, & planting have blissfully consumed our time with spring’s ephemeral timelessness. We hope you’re taking time to take in nature’s magic, & maybe give a little back.

Bursting blossoms, spring serenity, & May Day magic to you all💐✨
*❦A-S & the GFG team💚

Aralia and butterbur o’er looking the pond
Hats off to Viola

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