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Green Farmacy Garden Greetings

28 March 2016 With the arrival of warmer than usual temperatures these last few weeks, the garden quickly awakened from its winter rest. Buds overwintering were hastily summoned to burst open and we were greeted by the flowers of: butterbur, Petasites japonicus coltsfoot, … Continue reading

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Herbal Superdrugs for the Superbugs!

 The below article appeared in the Journal of the American Herbalists Guild JAHG: Volume 13 | Number 1, pg. 51-54 Reductionist’s Rant: Could cannabis be the superdrug of the year? In an effort to compile lists of herbs and phytochemicals that might help … Continue reading

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A TALE OF THREE ULCERS ~ Medicinal Virtues of Honey

A TALE OF THREE ULCERS by Jim Duke (adapted from an article printed in Pathways Magazine, Spring 2015) Decades ago, one ankle sore; Had me facing amputation. But p’roxide, sulfur, sunshine Permitted perambulation (anonpoet, 2015) Trying to offer my Pathways … Continue reading

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EBOLAPHOBIA by James A. Duke

 Viriphobia Goes Viral eeeeeek! Ebola, Encephalomyocarditis, Enterovirus, Epstein Barr Virus, Equine-Rhinopneumonitis, all evidently evolving quicker than we do. We taxpayers deserve to know, now, before they fast-track some moneymaking poison that may hurt some Ebola and a lot of people … Continue reading

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Rosemary – not so rosy or merry after the winter of 2014

5.23.2014 After this past winter of relentless temperatures below freezing, we witnessed the majority of our beloved rosemary’s (Rosmarinus officinalis) leaves turn from green to brown. We had, as in previous years, wrapped our huge rosemary in insulation and burlap the week … Continue reading

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Arctic Air, Snow White, and Wintergreen

Plant Rant: Wintergreen by Jim Duke (from the archives): My Handbook of Medicinal Northeastern Indian Plants lists over 700 species of plants for which I found published Amerindian uses as medicine. The waning wintergreen is just one of them.  Although it had … Continue reading

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Jim Duke’s songbook for the 2013 ACEER Legacy Award

On September 29th, Jim Duke received the 2013 ACEER (Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research) Legacy Award. To mark the occasion, we put together a songbook consisting mostly of Jim’s parodies and a few songs by others. We share … Continue reading

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