Tours and Workshops

Autumnal Herbal Spa

Sunday, September 27, 2020, 10am-12:30pm

HerbalSpa Autumn winds are blanketing the evenings as the light retreats. What better way to rejuvenate after a busy warm season, and prepare for the lull of colder months, than to pamper yourself in the Garden with nature’s healing remedies?! Basking in the amber hues of the late summer sun, join us as we take tea through the Garden, picking fresh herbs for our herbal delights. We’ll then nourish our skin with herbal scrubs, steams, oils & creams, and take some gifts home to continue the rituals. Click here for full details and registration!

Earth Skills and Decolonizing

Thursday, September 17, 2020, 11am-3pm, every Thursday til 11/12

This Earth Skills class, for children ages 7+, is like any other in that activities will provide space and guidance for students to develop their personal familiarity, confidence, and relationships with the the flora, fauna, geography and elements of an Earth-based ecosystem. It is unique in that intentionally and explicitly Decolonizing practices will be integrated into every gathering and most activities. Each class meeting will include:
  • contemplative time, whether meditation, nature observation/ “sit-spot”, journaling or creating
  • access to the herb garden and its staff, with support in learning some of the plants and harvesting them for tea or shared meal preparation
  • plant identification practice and direct interaction with plants including harvest for consumption, crafting, first aid, and other uses, and removal (specifically of invasive species)
  • Decolonizing education and practices including Land Acknowledgement and history of indigenous cultures, explorations of etymology and cultural variance in languaging and ways of knowing
This class is mid-session but still has space available, email with interest!
Note: All events take place outdoors. Please dress for the weather, and the possibility of insects.  Potted seedlings and divisions are available for donation at all our public events, as well as seeds and printed or recorded publications from Jim and Peggy Duke and others.

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