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Volunteer Days

Starting in April through October, we will be having volunteer days on most Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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Tours and workshops

Saturday, April 13th @ 10 – noon

Early Spring Plants for Medicinal and Edible Uses

pulsatilla gfg

We will be strolling around the Green Farmacy Garden and into the woods seeking early spring plants that are used medicinally and/or are edible. Wear good shoes and dress for the weather. We will send parking instructions with registration.

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Sunday, April 14th @ 1 – 4pm

Early Spring Plants for Medicinal and Edible Uses


Urtica dioica – Stinging nettles

Feeling tingly and inspired by the vim and vibrancy of Spring’s new growth and exuberant blooming? Or is that the tickle of your seasonal allergies saying hi? The sting of a bee, perhaps – or a nettle patch?

In the garden and surrounding woods you’ll meet and learn to find, identify, and harvest several common wild plants prolific this season.
Sample tea, pesto, and soup bursting with new and familiar plant allies to nourish and soothe your immune system through allergy season.
Depart with identification tips and recipes for remedies you can make at home.

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Sunday, April 28 @ 1 – 3:30pm

Spring Awakening Herbal Spa at the Green Farmacy Garden


Spring is in full bloom and the winds of change are in full force. What better way to rejuvenate after the lull of the cold season than to pamper yourself in the Garden with nature’s healing remedies. Basking in the growing warmth of the spring sun, join us as we take tea through the Garden picking fresh herbs for our herbal delights. We’ll then nourish our skin with herbal scrubs, steams, and creams, and take some gifts home to continue the rituals.

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