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Farewell to Peggy Duke

Peggy Duke, “botanical illustrator par excellence,” peacefully found her way to the Green Garden above on April 1, 2021. Below is the beautiful obituary that her daughter Celia and friend Andrea wrote. I will deeply miss Peggy’s stories, happy hours, … Continue reading

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Ephemeral Woodland Spring Song

The native blooms of the woodland❁ The symphony of spring peepers has given way to the bellowing of wood frogs & trilling of tree frogs.🐸 The birdsong orchestra is in full sing, greeting the day in joyous revelry & gratefulness … Continue reading

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Spring Things in the Garden

a photo gallery of the garden early spring Dandelion? No, Tussilago farfara : coltsfoot Prunus pendula : weeping cherry Anemone blanda : Grecian windflower Anemone nemarosa : wood anemone

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Maiden of Spring

  As the sunlight slowly lengthens & the weather gets warmer, herb-y eyes are attentive for the spotting of this juicy, verdant little herb. As the freezing temperatures fade & the birdsong intensifies, the lovely maiden of spring starts offering … Continue reading

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A taste of faery pretty, funky tea

You may have noticed this dainty, low growing flower blooming in lawns, sidewalks, and garden beds come the first warm days of early spring. It is commonly called slender or creeping speedwell, the botanical name Veronica filiformis. Filiformis meaning threadlike, … Continue reading

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